15+ Top Keyword Research Tools for Leverage the Power of SEO

Top Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research and SEO tools can help you come up with more keyword ideas based on exact match keywords and phrase match keywords. Here is the list of SEO industries best keyword research tools.

Top Keyword Research Tools in 2024

  • Hike
  • SpyFu
  • Scalenut
  • Serpstat
  • KeywordTool
  • GetKeywords
  • Keysearch
  • Keyword Insights
  • Surfer SEO
  • Keyword Hero
  • Ahrefs
  • KWFinder
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Planner
  • Semrush

Hike – SEO Software and DIY SEO Tools

Hike SEO

Hike offers a supreme guided SEO platform that helps you identify SEO issues and shares step-by-step instructions for ameliorating your site rank. Since it only takes a few hours per month, you can rely on its AI-assistant to find the best keywords that are tailored to your business.

It is also integrated with ChatGPT technology that enables you to get full-fledged SEO friendly blogs finished in a few seconds. The tool constantly updates you about your up-to-date progress reports so that you can carve your future steps to attain a higher rank on the search engine.

SpyFu – Competitor Keyword Research Tools for Google Ads PPC


SpyFu is your ultimate SEO partner to help you dominate over your competitors in the best way. Some of its terrific features include custom competitor and SERP analysis, keyword research, backlinks builder and rank tracking enable you to get smart recommendations that bring more ad clicks and site traffic.

Owing to its step-by-step guides, you get ahead of your competitors with their marketing strategy and exact keywords in your hand. The best part is its laid-back money-back guarantee that represents its transparency and reliability. Thus, this platform gets you valuable insights about high-quality link building opportunities and PPC results that are found nowhere else.

Scalenut – AI Powered SEO and Content Marketing Platform


Powering entire SEO content lifecycle, Scalenut is your all-in-one AI SEO application to achieve a great SEO rank. From hassle-free keyword planning to discovering semantic key terms, this tool comes in handy for getting an edge over your competitors.

This tool also allows creation of persuasive marketing copies and accurate SEO-optimized blogs that rank easily. You can use its free trial to get real-time SEO score for your site and understand how you can use its features to rank higher on SERP. This tool is aligned towards maximizing your ROI with winning content strategies and scaling your organic traffic strategically.

Serpstat – Growth Hacking Tool for SEO & Content Marketing


Serpstat is another superb tool to boost traffic and elevate the brand awareness level in the online market. You can get all the metrics, like traffic, backlinks, visibility, SEO metrics, etc., while performing the competitor analysis. When it comes to the SEO audit, there is no need to hire a company to optimize the site according to SEO guidelines. You will get all the recommendations from the tool to improve and optimize the element.

Besides all this, you can enjoy comprehensive keyword research, AI content creation, and keyword clustering with the Serpstat tool. It offers a 7-day free trial period for all users.

KeywordTool – Find Great Long Tail Keywords

Keyword Tool

KeywordTool allows you to research target keywords for your brand in the online space without spending even a single penny from your pockets. You can search the long-tail keywords without adding any stress to your budget, which makes it a lucrative option for rising startups and budding entrepreneurs.

You can further scrutinize the keywords by using filters like type, location, and language to funnel down the desired options in no time. The tool can create a plethora of keywords and hashtags for your content in a jiffy so that you can enjoy a better rank on Google.

GetKeywords – Local Keyword Research with Audience Insights

Get Keywords

GetKeywords allows you to get thousands of keyword ideas to strengthen your local SEO> you get access to advanced filters with real-time data analysis of the keywords. The tool supports 100K locations and works with 45 languages. Moreover, you will even gain access to the global keyword data.

You can get deep insights on the device and top locations so that you can ameliorate the strategies of your campaign for better accuracy. You can predict your brand’s local market by accessing the past data of four years. It is the go-to tool for local SEO and PPC.

Keysearch – Find relevant, low competition keywords


Are you looking for a simple tool to find relevant and low-competition keywords for your business or blog? Stop searching and opt for the Keysearch tool. It is a web-based platform that allows you to search the keywords for your brand. There is no need to go through the hassle of downloading anything on your local device.

Also, you get access to a keyword difficulty checker to analyze multiple keywords at once with the competitors’ sites in your business space. Moreover, you can perform rack tracking, backlink checking, and brainstorm niche ideas for new content through the tool. The tool comes with a free trial for one month.

Keyword Insights – Accelerate Your Content Marketing with Data & AI

keyword insights

Keyword Insights leverages the power of AI to autopilot the content strategy of your online business. You can research a myriad of keywords with a single input of a relevant keyword. After this, you can create groups of similar keywords and use the sets for different pages according to their relevance.

In case the groups are missing some keywords, the tool will give your proper insights and help you curate a piece of content that will rank on the popular search engines. Moreover, the tool will analyze all the clusters of the keywords automatically and provide you best options for writing SEO-optimized content.

Surfer SEO – Skyrocket your organic traffic with Surfer

surfer seo

Surfer is a smart tool that will help you optimize the content of your blog or online business with the proper SEO guidelines. This will help you divert more organic traffic toward your site, elevate the brand visibility level and improve the overall rank on the SERPs.

You can use the AI-powered tool to create captivating headlines and proper briefs of your content. Moreover, you can use its editor to write the content and optimize it in any language. Moreover, you can check the plagiarism and publish the content with a single click of your mouse.

Keyword Hero – Explore Google Analytics’ (Not Provided) keywords

Keyword Hero

With easy integration and a 14-day free trial, Keyword Hero allows you to get intelligent insights on the organic keywords to divert more traffic towards your brand’s content. You can perform deep analysis on your current target keywords and see their conversion rate.

The Keyword Hero platform will give you a detailed list of the organic keywords according to your content with all the session metrics. You can optimize the site structure and content according to these keywords and boost the organic ROI using the tool.

Ahrefs – Everything you need to rank higher & get more traffic


Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools in the SEO space to improve the ranking of your brand and enjoy more organic traffic. With an active web crawler, the tool offers trusted and vest-in-class SEO data for your content. You can analyze your competitors to know the target keywords, audit your site and then optimize it to improve its rank.

You can find the keywords that are popular among your target demographics. Moreover, the tool helps you with new content ideas, so you don’t have to go through any complex process. You can track the ranking of your online presence and progress within a given timeframe using the Ahrefs tool.

KWFinder – Find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty


KWFiner allows you to perform exhaustive keyword research without going through any unnecessary hassle. You can use filters like location and language to further deepen the research and get the relevant keywords according to your content strategy. You can get target keywords with low difficulty and high search volume to enjoy more traffic.

In case you are unable to make up your mind on the keywords, you can analyze the keywords of your competitors and get a headstart using the tool. Timing is a vital aspect in keyword research, so KWFinder gives you access to sessional keywords and trending hot topics to scale the traffic level of your website.

Ubersuggest – Find profitable SEO keywords to grow faster


Unersuggest offers you a one-stop solution to gain an edge over the competitors in the game of SEO. You can use the tool to get insights into the working strategies of the competitors in your domain and adopt them to grow your brand. You can research the top keywords and curate content according to them to expand your reach.

On top of this, you can get keyword suggestions and trending content ideas from the tool. You can even analyze all the backlinks and approach the popular platform in your brand’s space to build a solid backlink profile to further improve its reach and awareness.

Keyword Planner – Google official tool for keyword research

Keyword Planner

With the help of the right keywords, you can place your ads in front of the target audience and gain better reach and growth. Keyword Planner helps you discover and research the correct keywords according to your products and services. The tool will help you see how people interact with certain keywords.

Moreover, it offers a bid estimate for all the keywords and gives you a ballpark estimate for all the keywords that are relevant to your ads. You can save the keywords and share your plan with others and launch your ad campaign once you finalize everything through the Keyword Planner.

Semrush – A complete digital marketing research tool


Want to grow the organic traffic of your brand’s online presence? Don’t worry. Semrush will cater to all your needs. Semrush offers a complete package of tools to identify tons of local and national keywords. You can analyze the backlink profile and check your site’s position on the popular SERPs regularly. You can even run technical SEO audits for your brand’s website.

You can optimize your brand’s site for better awareness among your local community and even get deep insights to perform on-page SEO. You can use the tool to get a sneak peek into your competitors in the domain and even strengthen your backlink profile.

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