9 Best Storyboard Templates by Creately

Best Storyboard Templates by Creately

Creately is a top-notch platform that offers access to a plethora of Storyboard templates. You will find more than 1000 professionally-curated templates designed by their exclusive community. So, all you need to do is copy the drawing and your job is half done for you!

The best part is that these templates are ready to use and in just a few clicks, you can get your Storyboard finished. So, let’s have a look at some of these great templates in the following section!

Best Creately Storyboard Templates

Creately offers a bundle of Storyboard templates in different categories. We have shared some of the shortlisted Storyboard templates below.

Video Storyboard Template

Video Storyboard Template

Looking for the best video Storyboard template? If yes, you can go for this one. It not only helps you to conceptualize different planned videos but also lay out instructions that help keep your team synchronized at all times of the shoot.

So, you only need to bring in the proper images and edit the video storyboard to match the apt video scenario swiftly. Once done, you can easily export it in any type of format you wish to.

Product Storyboard Template

Product Storyboard Template

Want a plain Jane Storyboard template that can be edited to visualize your video concepts? This storyboard template is quite editable so that you can plan ahead, design properly and finish it hassle-free. So, what are you still waiting for when you can use this template to get your dream storyboard?

Thus, you just need to keep all your images ready to fit into your design. Once this is complete, you can export it in your preferred format and share with your fellow teammates.

Classroom Project Storyboard Template

Classroom Project Storyboard Template

Are you a teacher looking for the apt Storyboard template for your Storyboard assignment? If yes, this template is your chance to get your classroom project done swiftly. It has specific sections for everything and enables your students to provide the information at their right places.

Since the template is easily editable in Creately, you can alter its contents and then, export in any of the given formats available such as PNG, JPEG or SVG.

Video Storyboard Template

Video Storyboard Template

With separate space for audio and action, this video storyboard template is your answer to designing a superb template in no time. All you need to have is your images, character dialogues and scene action decided beforehand.
Once your design is complete, you just need to download it on your device and collaborate with other team members. This will help them to stay on the same page throughout the video production.

Colorful Storyboard Template<

Colorful Storyboard Template

For all the teachers looking for a great Storyboard template, this colorful storyboard template shares all the necessary fields and sections to help your students describe each scene of the book in a perfect manner. They can even draw the rough sketches for each scene to get all the desired storyboard designed by hand.

It will help your students showcase their creativity and understanding of the book in an apt way. Also, the colorful background will allow them to let their creative juices flow smoothly!

Film Storyboard Template

Film Storyboard Template

Are you searching for an ultimate storyboard template for your film? Well, we are here to help you with your terrific design! This film storyboard template will be your guiding light with everything in one place.

Yes, you heard it right! It includes different sections for everything that keeps your storyboard synchronized for everyone. This means you can add scene details like sound, frame, time and any relevant script for individual shot in the storyboard design.

When this is done, you can even share it with all in any of the formats be it, PNG, JPEG or SVG although we recommend sharing in PDF format owing to its excellent print quality.

Cinema Storyboard Template

Cinema Storyboard Template

Are you finding a perfect cinema storyboarding template? If yes, this one will serve all your needs properly and help you tailor a stunning storyboard in a jiffy. Thus, you only need to keep your images ready and rest this template has definite fields to note the scene number, shot and other relevant details.

In this way, you will get a mesmerizing storyboard ready to be circulated among your crew members for a great shot.

Video Storyboard Template [classic]

Video Storyboard Template classic

This classic video storyboard template is superb to help you in catering your video storyboard needs perfectly. Once you are done with inserting all the necessary images, you are left with the script part. So, after that, you have the space to add the audio, scene and shot detail for every image you add.

The interesting thing is that Creately allows you to export the finished design in any of the formats be it, SVG, PNG or JPEG. Isn’t it amazing? This also helps you to view and add them in other Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents. For a premium printout, you can go for the PDF format.

Storyboard Template [classic]

Storyboard Template classic

This simple and minimalistic template is perfect for your Storyboards. Since you just need to make relevant edits and export your finished design in different formats such as PNG, JPEG, or SVG. Once your download is complete, you can add them in your Powerpoint, Word and Excel files. For best-quality, you can even print your design in the PDF format.

Being a free template, you don’t need to spend a single penny on buying the final design. Also, you can easily modify it as per your convenience.

Some Final Words

By now, you must be aware of all the top Storyboard templates available for use on Creately. So, all you need to do is check out each one of them to get detailed information on every template before starting the next one.

Once you choose the one you want, you can quickly add all the essential information and print the desired template in no time. Also, comment down your preferred one below since we love to hear from you!

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