Top 3 Storyboard Software (Free & Paid) in 2024

Storyboard Software

Visual representation can up the scales of your project and allow customers to grasp the things in a better way. The in-house creative teams of rising companies can use the storyboard software to pre-visulize the videos and other projects. There are several options available in the market which can confuse you while choosing a suitable one. Here in this article we will offer you the top three free and paid storyboard software, funneling down the wide pool. So, without any further ado let us dive into the list.

What is storyboard software?

Storyboard software allows the artists and creative teams to use pre-made characters and elements to visualize a play, animation, movie or a video clip. You can even demonstrate your brand’s services in a small clipping. You can use the software to reduce the errors in the final product and improve the end product by working on the feedback of the clients and stakeholders. However you need to pick the right option according to your budget, team members and features of the software.

How to Make a Storyboard?

There are three popular ways of designing the perfect storyboards that will help you to share your desired concept in a well manner.

Storyboard Apps

Yes, you heard it right! There are some unique and full-featured Storyboard apps that are specially designed to cater the needs of Storyboard creators. These storyboard apps provide excellent tools to create a professional storyboard in just a few steps. These apps take a relatively lesser time in producing the best storyboard without any hassle.

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Storyboard Creator Online Tools

There are many online storyboard creator tools that help in attaining your ideal storyboard in a given time span. Not just this, there are many freely available to help you in your storyboarding endeavors. Since these tools are loaded with many necessary features, you will find them apt for use in designing your basic storyboards for short films, plays and animations in a jiffy.

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Storyboard Software

There are a myriad of OS-specific and open source storyboard software available in the market. This storyboard software helps you in creating an amazing storyboard with all its action, script and narrative defined. You can print it by exporting it to the PDF format or even circulate it in the video format as per your convenience.

The Best Storyboard Software

Check out the given Storyboard software that helps you in showcasing your ideas into awesome storyboards in no time.

Storyboarder by Wonder Unit – Download for Free

A reliable storyboard software for story artists, writers, directors, dreamers, or literally anyone having an idea, Storyboarder by Wonder Unit is your ultimate pick when looking for a simple and swift tool. Its quick story development process helps you test if your idea works or not. From adding boards, dialogues, and action in just one click to using 6 easy drawing tools, this awesome storyboarding software helps you in crafting stories visually to give wings to your thoughts.

Another interesting feature is its magical importing of sketched storyboards on paper, which can be easily printed too. Moreover, once your final storyboard is ready, you can export it in different formats such as PDF, Avid, Animated GIF, Premiere, and Final Cut.

Platforms: Mac OS, Windows and Linux


  • Super-fast and reliable
  • Export the final storyboard in any desired format
  • Focus it using a Sketch Sprint to share your time lapse
  • Shot and scene creation in seconds
  • Easy to use interface
  • Smooth drawing tools with hassle-free key commands for everything

Pricing: FREE

FrameForge – Ammy Award-Winner Storyboarding and Previs Software

Frameforge Storyboard Studio is one of the best storyboarding programs that has received two prestigious awards. One of them is the technical achievement emmy® while the other is a lumiere® statuette that he got in the category of technological innovation. Besides this, it is found to be optically correct which helps you to get brilliant shots captured in your storyboard.

Best suited for non-technical filmmakers, they have no prior experience in film-making and need a storyboard to pre-visualize their concept properly. It is a virtual film studio for all film-makers who need efficient pre-production shots.

Platforms: Mac OS and Windows


  • Award-winning software with incredible features
  • You get some beautiful Blueprint and camera view
  • You have the options for interior and exterior sets
  • Some terrific actors and props are ready-made
  • A perfect shot manager for your best storyboard


  • FrameForge Core comes in three plans: Full Purchase at $498(one-time charge), Annual Subscription at $155.88 per year and educational annual subscription at $107.88.
  • FrameForge 4 Professional Edition comes in three plans: Full Purchase at $799(one-time charge), Annual Subscription at $299.88 per year and 3 month subscription at $104.97.

Storyboard Pro by ToonBoon – Create Storyboard Videos

Are you looking for the best Storyboard software with characters? If yes, ToonBoon’s Storyboard Pro is your go-to option when you need to bring your ideation to the screen. Being the renowned Comic storyboard software, it is found to be ideal for film and animation makers owing to its elegant features. We are sure that once you opt for this storyboard software free trial, you will absolutely fall for it.

The design students can also opt for the student’s license so that they can practice as much as they like to unleash their creativity. Once you choose to use this software, you will love its mind-blowing interface and industry-leading features. They have a reliable support team that takes care of all independent features etc. Its flexibility and wonderful functionality that impart unlimited creative freedom to design your ultimate storyboard.

Platforms: Mac OS and Windows


  • Remarkable scripting integration
  • Perfect drawing engine and tools
  • Great 3D integration and animatics
  • Best Sound editing and effects
  • Built-in multiplane and camera features


  • The annual price starts $445.50 for the full subscription with high value.
  • You can even avail the Free trial to get acquainted with the interface and use it for your demo projects.

The Bottom Line

By now, you must have anticipated the top storyboard software available in the market and how they can make a huge difference in your storyboarding journey. Once you start using storyboard software free for use, it will help you in designing top-notch storyboards that share the gist of your story in the best possible way.

Try the above-mentioned storyboard software to get the best storyboarding experience you wish for! Also, comment down below which software became your favorite one.


Is there a free storyboard app?

Yes, there are numerous free storyboard apps in the market. You can check for open source storyboard software to get more information on the same. Some commonly used free storyboard apps are Canva, Storyboard fountain, StoryboardThat etc.

How can I create a storyboard?

There are many ways to create your dream storyboard. You can either use any storyboard app or software or make use of some online storyboarding tool to design your best storyboard in no time. They will all fulfill your basic as well as advanced needs perfectly.

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