10 Types of Storyboards You Should Know

Types of Storyboards

Storyboard play a pivotal role in getting a fine-tuned video, animation, and movie production. They are considered a backbone in the process of creating a terrific final product without wasting time and money in editing. Thus, storyboarding has led to an increase in efficiency and helps immensely in keeping the entire team in sync with the concept and narrative. There is a myriad of Storyboard types in the market that smoothen your designing journey by manifolds.

In this comprehensive guide, we have covered all the crucial details to help you find the best Storyboard types that you encounter commonly in your design endeavor! Let’s get started!

Types of Storyboards

Different Storyboards help in finishing your specific projects at a faster rate. Following are the amazing storyboard types that will help you in managing everything in advance.

1. Website Storyboard

This type of storyboard is used to map out the different components on your website’s pages. It is a vital part to get a clear idea of the website design components and lets you lay them out properly without forgetting any essential ones.

2. Movie Storyboard

This is one of the popular storyboard types since every film director needs to capture the best shots for final production. Thus, you get shot-by-shot details such as camera angle, script, characters, and narrative of the scene in a jiffy.

3. Project Storyboard

They refer to a complete project overview for a quick project highlight. It is mainly used to get notified about every project process and how to make it a success. It is used by companies and business owners when discussing project details with investors and project members to have a head-start on everything beforehand.

4. Film Storyboard

Similar to Movie Storyboard, films require proper planning prior to directing a scene. So, film storyboards are used in which they keep every scene detail be it, characters, shot angle, script, and the particular narrative of the shot.

5. Multimedia Storyboard

This is one of the commonly used storyboard types where multimedia designers can create a proper layout for their project. This helps them in organizing every project detail from the very start and map out all the things before designing the final product.

6. Commercial Storyboard

As per the commercial story, a commercial storyboard is designed to understand and mark the unique and vital advertising pointers. This helps the creators in making the commercial as per the brand’s requirements without any hassle.

7. Kids Storyboard

To bring out the imagination and creativity in kids, a kid’s storyboard activity is generally organized. This is a great way to encourage the kids in both drawing and giving a real shape to their dream story. Teachers mostly download sample templates and circulate them among the students as part of their curriculum exercise.

8. Video Storyboard

When planning a video, this storyboard type is beneficial in mapping out and highlighting the crucial parts of the video. It is mostly used when you want perfect shots for your video. The best part is that proper details like the camera/shot angle, narrative, script, and emotions are covered in the description part.

9. Animation Storyboard

It is mainly a sketch series involving the chronological events of a particular narrative. This includes shot details from script to characters to everything in between so that you get a finished animation with full concept details.

10. Screenshot Storyboard

It showcases the screenshots to navigate any process before the final design of some application or website. Generally, it is seen to be used in the development of gaming and other types of app development.

The Final Verdict

By now, you must have got a complete understanding of all the top-notch storyboard types available. You can also go through some of the important FAQs that will clear many vital points for you!
All you need to do is now use a storyboard to get an overview of every process/scene and plan accordingly.


What is in a storyboard?

A storyboard contains all the details such as the main idea, supporting content, and some final designing cues. In the case of a video storyboard, it can mean including the full scene details such as the characters involved, script, narrative, and angle details.

How do you create a storyboard?

There are 2 ways to create a storyboard.
From Scratch: It is a rather complicated process where you need to first know all the vital components of your storyboard. Then, you need to form a proper layout or hire someone to do the same for you. After that, you need to compose your scenes and write every single detail about them.

Using a Storyboard Template: Look for different Storyboard templates related to your storyboard types and choose the best ones as per your theme. Once you have chosen, all you need to do is modify it as per your idea and take out a PDF for the same.

What is a purpose of a storyboard?

A Storyboard is considered a powerful tool to encapsulate every single detail of the scene/project for great visual communication. It helps in sketching out the script, shot angle, characters, and other vital details properly.

Why do I need a storyboard?

If you are in the multimedia industry and have several projects to manage, you need to ensure that you get a storyboard designed for each project to have a transparent view of the minute details that shouldn’t be missed in the storyboard designing part.

What are storyboards used for?

Storyboards ease up the design and production in an easy manner. Since they are the first thing before the final design/direction initiates, everyone in the team knows about the scene/project details making it streamlined for constructive feedback and faster production.

Why is storyboarding important?

Storyboarding is extremely crucial to help in easier collaboration with the entire crew. It makes everyone crystal clear about the idea, concept, and whole narrative so that they understand everything thoroughly.

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