5 Best Storyboard Apps (Free & Paid) for Android & iOS

Storyboard Apps

Designing Storyboard is quite simple when you use reliable and streamlined Storyboard apps. While there is a plethora of Storyboard apps available for free on the internet. However, selecting the right one that has all the top resources to help you in unlocking your Storyboarding potential is considered quite crucial.

Thus, in this guide, we have shared the handpicked list of wonderful Storyboard apps that have both free and paid plans. They are transforming the Storyboarding process with faster and cleaner designing tools in a jiffy. So, let’s begin!

What is Storyboard App?

A Storyboard app is a specially designed application for catering to the needs of Storyboard makers. Since it has all the required tools for pre-visualizing and sketching the Storyboard be it in an animation, video, or document format.

These apps come with some readymade characters and images and even allow you to add your own custom images. Since they help the creative strategist to plan everything from the story, and script to the perfect shot angle, they can organize all shots properly and share with other collaborators in no time.

How to Make a Storyboard?

If designing from scratch, a storyboard consumes a lot of time in designing its characters, script, and narrative. However, if you take help from online tools, you will witness a rather smooth and swift experience in this. There is a gamut of ways to design a Storyboard in this way. You can have a sneak peek at some of the easiest ways shared below.

Storyboard Apps

There are several Storyboard apps available in the market with excellent design and personalized features. They are quite helpful in curating a fantastic storyboard that fulfills the purpose beautifully. In addition to this, you will also find them pretty useful in collaborating and sharing the designed Storyboard with other crew members. It helps in strategic and thorough designing and reviewing of the storyboard with instant changes if required.

Storyboard Creator Online Tools

There are numerous Storyboard creator tools available for free as well as subscription-based tools. They are equipped with all the necessary features to help you get the desired Storyboard in a jiffy. There are multiple templates available beforehand that can be your helping hand in storyboarding. This fastens the process too since you don’t have to design from scratch.

Storyboard Software

Using the robust features of storyboard software, anyone can easily design storyboards for their projects in a few minutes. With elegant in-built templates, you will find the Storyboard making process quite simple. Not just this, all you need to do is visualize and improvise the Storyboard just the way you want it to be. The most amazing thing is that you can quickly download the completed design in a single click.

The Best Storyboard Apps to Visualize your Ideas

Whether you own an Android or iPhone smartphone, you can use Storyboard apps to produce the best storyboard ever. Given below are some of the top-notch Storyboard apps that will transform your designing way and provide you with the right tools to design your masterpiece in no time.

Canva – Android & iOS

The Canva app is one of the famous Storyboard apps online to help you create mesmerizing storyboards swiftly. Being a free Storyboard editor, it lets you create stunning Storyboard videos, images, and animated content and even edit the characters as per your wishes.

Now anyone can design awesome Storyboard content on Canva be it, a beginner or professional designer. This will help them stand out among the competitors with their minimalistic design expertise. The best part is that its readymade templates enable the users to get the desired storyboard inspiration and swift designing with just a few changes.

Procreate – iOS

Do you want a super intuitive and award-winning Storyboard design experience? If yes, Procreate is just the right Storyboard app for filmmakers and other designers to help them with the best experience in no time. It truly acts like a hand-held digital art studio that you can carry anywhere without any hassle.

With Procreate Storyboard app iPad, you can think bigger since you have a myriad of Storyboard templates to help you convert your dreamy storyboard into reality. So, all you need to do is unleash your creative horses and get them running to get a fine-tuned Storyboard ready in no time.

Mooltik – Android

Mooltik is your comprehensive app with the combined feature of a drawing application and a terrific video editor. Being a beginner-friendly app, you will find it to be a great tool for designing music videos, animation, or even short cartoon storyboards. You can try out its outstanding features that help in quickly creating a top-notch storyboard without any hassle.

So, all you need to do is design as per your specific requirements and share the final design with your teammates for feedback! Once that is done, you will find it pretty cool to see an error-free and exciting storyboard that serves your needs right and helps in smoothening the video production process easily.

Storyboard App by Ewiko – Android

Are you looking for a streamlined storyboard app to highlight your ideas and give a clear picture of your final production? Well, this is your powerful app that contains a well-designed tool for drawing and using the hand and picking among 90 colors. Be it your game design, film, or animation, this is one of the best free Storyboard apps that comes with all the required tools to import and export your ideas.

This app allows swift sharing with other group members, helps them in reviewing it, and providing their valuable suggestions if any. To edit, you can copy-paste some of the scenes and follow the rule of thirds for the modification process. You can even sketch out the characters using its drawing features.

Ray Story Board – Android

Looking for a free Storyboard creator for students? Well, Ray Story will become your absolute bliss when you learn that this tool is loved by the audience and allows rapid creation and viewing of storyboards. It comes in handy with its excellent features such as filling the frames as well as their vital descriptions with the necessary text details and visuals and putting the right annotations on the top of all images. Besides this, it is a high-end app that imports EXIF data automatically from ViewFinder apps. Isn’t it amazing?

Not just this, this app also allows importing images from the phone gallery along with taking images at that very instant as well. Students usually use this app when they are looking for a free storyboard creator for students.

The Final Verdict

We hope that you have acquired the knowledge of the all-rounder apps that have all the features to create stunning storyboards in a few clicks. You can easily download them as per your operating system and use them to gain maximum exposure on them. So, what are you still waiting for? You can pick any of the above-mentioned options to get the perfect Storyboard maker online.

Do share your favorite one below and why you chose it above others below along with their link. This allows others to get that Storyboard app free download instantly.

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